Walukuba West Pri Sch SEN Unit

Walukuba West Primary School is located in the industrial area of Jinja town. The school already had a dormitory before we began working there but it was in a terrible state.

SEN Dorms at WW for website

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Thanks to some incredible fundraising from an auction held by Lewis Silkin and the hard work of some students from Middlesex University, in 2008/9 the dormitories were completely renovated into the bright and colourful rooms you see below. We were also able to create a therapy room and completely renovate the bathroom facilities. These dormitories now cater for 36 children from the age of 6 to 18 with a wide range of disabilities with 3 matrons working full time to look after them.

WW refurbished dorm for website WW therapy room for website


Disability Awareness Training

The children at Walukuba West Primary School took part in Disability Awareness sessions run by Soft Power Education. The sessions helped the children to gain a better understanding of different types and causes of disability with the aim of promoting inclusion.  The hands-on sessions got the children involved in activities to experience the difficulties of having a visual impairment; losing the use of the arms; using a wheelchair or crutches; or being unable to communicate by speech.  The children also learned about successful and famous people who have disabilities and that we should focus on the ability, not the disability. A huge thank you to volunteers Heather and Orla who led these workshops and to all the other volunteers for their help.

blindfolded no hands ball

no hands writing feet writing

wheelchair blindfolded and leading crutches


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